Thesubject of this contract covers the manner of performance of the travelservices sold to the Customer and the rights and obligations of the parties.

Thetotal price of the services provided includes all taxes.

Thisprice is according to the payment method determined by the service provider(accommodation, flight, transfer or tour provider),

1. Bycredit card at the time of booking

2. Tothe specified bank accounts by EFT / Money Order

3.The respective accommodation or transport service is payable immediately.

Thecontractual amounts payable immediately or later on the spot during theperformance of the service shall be clearly indicated in the shopping basket bythe words payable now and payable on the spot.


Thedetailed description of the travel and tourism service is available on theintroduction page related to the service.


Inthe case of accommodation services, the right of transfer is provided accordingto the rules determined by the service provider; in this case, the customermust notify the service provider of his request at least 14 (fourteen) days inadvance.


Theconsumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within fourteen dayswithout any justification and without penalty. 

Theconsumer may cancel the reservation after the expiry of the withdrawal periodif he or his 1st degree relatives document the illnesses and deaths of himselfor his 1st degree relatives that prevent him from 10 (ten) days of habitualoccupation with an official report from a full-fledged state hospital, in whichcase the CONSUMER will be refunded the full amount of the fee paid up to thatpoint.

Ifthe CONSUMER receives the accommodation service with a cancellation assurancefee, the CONSUMER may request cancellation until 3 (three) business days beforethe date of accommodation and request the full amount paid.


Inthe event that Liberty Hospitality Group arbitrarily terminates the contractwithout justified reasons, the consumer shall be entitled to compensation inproportion to the loss incurred. If the termination of the contract is due toforce majeure, even if Liberty Hospitality Group has taken all necessary care,the consumer shall not be entitled to compensation.


Theconsumer is obliged to notify the relevant service provider and LibertyHospitality Group within 7 (seven) days at the latest from the date on whichthe service should be performed or has been performed, if the contract has notbeen performed at all or as required.


LibertyHospitality Group shall be liable for any failure to fulfil the obligationsarising from the contract at all or as required. However, if the failure toperform the contract at all or properly is based on the fault of the consumeror third parties or force majeure, the hotel cannot be held responsible.


LibertyHospitality Group may cancel or postpone the accommodation due to any adverseweather conditions, road blockage, strike, terrorism, fog, storm, war, warpossibility, natural disasters, changes and negative developments in interstaterelations, public movements, unforeseen technical issues, bankruptcy, forcemajeure. In this case, Liberty Hospitality Group is not responsible in any wayand the consumer cannot claim any rights and receivables.


Itemsthat smell, leak, have flammable or explosive qualities or cause discomfort totheir surroundings, as well as sharp, piercing and firearms and all kinds ofanimals are not allowed in vehicles and accommodation facilities without theseparate and express written permission of the hotel.

Inthe event of loss of or damage to baggage caused by the gross negligence ofLiberty Hospitality Group personnel, 50% of the amount corresponding totransportation within the total price of the trip, regardless of the materialand moral value and other qualities and characteristics of the items containedin the lost or damaged baggage, shall be paid to the owner of the lost item.Liberty Hospitality Group is liable for any loss, damage and theft of the goodsdelivered to the consumer by the consumer by declaring them in writing togetherwith their value, up to the value of the trip.


Ifthe consumer leaves the hotel on the grounds that the service is defective,he/she is obliged to notify the Liberty Hospitality Group official in writingwith the reasons for leaving the hotel. Otherwise, the consumer is deemed tohave left the hotel without a justified reason and is deemed to have receivedand used the service.

It isthe duty of care of the bona fide consumer to inform the authorised person inwriting about the issues that the consumer complains about during theperformance of the service. The fact that the consumer uses the service to theend even though he/she has complained eliminates the compensation rights suchas substitute service and refund of the price related to the issues he/shecomplained about.

Theconsumer(s) who do not have a signature on the contract but participate in thetrip subject to the contract are deemed to have read and accepted andundertaken this contract with the consumer(s) they have assigned to register ontheir behalf. Nevertheless, due to the lawsuits and proceedings filed by thehotel against the consumer(s) on the grounds that the consumer(s) did notpersonally sign the contract, and in the event that the hotel is obliged to paya price or compensation to the consumer other than the matters written in thiscontract, the hotel's right of recourse for these amounts paid to theconsumer(s) who signed the contract is reserved. Consumers have learned theterms of this contract, which will be valid between the parties even if they havenot signed it, through catalogues and advertisements, and have accepted andundertaken to stay at the hotel under the terms of this contract.


Theconsumer accepts and declares that he / she has read and informed allpreliminary information regarding the qualifications of the service mentionedin this contract, the sales price payment method and the validity date of theprices and the performance and that he / she has given the necessaryconfirmation electronically.

Thiscontract will enter into force upon the approval of the Consumer by theCustomer and it is accepted by the parties that the effective date will be thedate of approval. The Consumer will not be able to step through the web systemwithout reading and approving this contract and is obliged to read thiscontract. This contract ends in the event that the service is received andconsumed by the Consumer or is subject to cancellation in any way.


Antalya,Fethiye or Kuşadası Courts and Execution Offices where the hotel to beaccommodated is located are authorised for the resolution of disputes arisingfrom this contract.

Thiscontract, which consists of 14 (fourteen) articles, has been read, accepted andapproved by the consumer